The Tribune Subway GalleryNew York 1945-1951(?)

The Tribune Subway Gallery was located in the subway arcade at 100 West, Southweat corner of 6th Avenue, 42nd street, New York. It was in a bookstore, The Tribune International Book and Art Center. The owner of gallery and booksotre was Friedrich George Alexan who seems to have been an entrepreneur, opened the gallery at October 1945.
Until 1948, He held various 19 exhibitions in the gallery, from European Masterpieces to American graphic art, and also published a journal named “Tribune of Art” from 1945 to 1948 or 1949.(No.1-16)
The activity of this gallery had continued until early 1950’s.

 ”The Tribune Book and Art center under the direction of Friedrich George Alexan, at the 100 West Forty-second Street, has opened an exhibition by two young Austrian artists – paintings and drawing by Edith Kramer, and sculpture and plastics by Irma Rothstein.”
(Art Notes, New York Times, Oct. 18, 1945)