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FUKUZAWA Ichiro was born in 1898, stayed in Paris from 1924 to 1931, was influenced by Max Ernst, and informed Japanese artists real surrealism paintings in 1931. He continued to paint many works through Showa era as he often changed his style. The most important affair for him was how to express clearly the theme of works: literary subject, aspects of personal life, social problems, etc., with strong brushwork and unique coloring.

Simplified Chronology

1898(meiji 31) 0 18 January   born in Tomioka, Gunma Pref., Japan, into wealthy family, as first son.
1918(Taisho 7) 20 September   Enters Tokyo Imperial University. But he goes to class very little times, often goes to Sculpture School presided by ASAKURA Fumio.
1924(Taisho 13) 26 April   Goes to Paris to study sculpture.
1927(Showa 2) 29 Gives up to study sculpture, begins to paint in earnest.
1931(Showa 6) 33 January   His works are showed in the exhibition”Dokuritsu-Bijutsu-Kyokai-Ten (The Independent art Association), and these give many young artists strong impact and influence.5 June    Returns from Paris. After that, he flourshes as a painter, critic, and writer.

Drown , 1930

1939(Showa 14) 41 5 April   Withdraws from Dokuritsu-Bijutsu-Kyokai.15 may forms Bijutsu- Bunka-Kyokai(The Art and Culture Association) with young artists.
1941(Showa 16) 43 April   Apprehended for “Violation of The Maintenance of the Public Order Act”, and detained six months.
after that, restricted avant-garde execution and forced to engage in making War Paintings by authorities.

The Mission in Malay see, 1942

1945(Showa 20) 47 March    Evacuates his family and himself from Tokyo to Karuizawa, Nagano after the destruction of thecity by air raid.After the War, begins to activity as artist and leader of artists’ association.
1949(Showa 24) 51 Withdraws from Bijutsu-Bunka-Kyokai.
1952(Showa 27) 54 May   Goes to Paris to join The International Cultural Festival as a delegate of Japan.
1953(Showa 28) 55 January   Goes from France to Brazil, stays there and Mexico until June 1954.
1954(Showa 29) 56 June   Returns from Mexico.

Group of Figures with Oam, 1956

1957(Showa 32) 59 May    Exhibites Burialto the 4th Japan- International Art Exhibition, receives The Prize of Japanese art.

Burial, 1957

1965(Showa 40)/font> 67 15 April    Goes to Chiago, United States visiting to his son’s family.June   Goes to New York and stays three months for making paintings.September   Goes to Spain and France.October   Returns from France.


1976(Showa 51) 76 April    One-man exhibition in The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma.
1988(Showa 63) 90 April    One-man exhibition in The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma and Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo.
1992 94 October   FUKUZAWA dies.

A Scene of Noah’s Ark, 1991